Bentgo Kids Lunch Box Tray with Transparent Cover


The Bentgo Kids Tray with Transparent Cover makes meal prep easier than ever by keeping the snacks and meals in your lunch tray fresh–even when they aren't packed inside the outer shell of your Bentgo Kids lunch box. The snug design and locking clips fit the tray perfectly and offer a sleeker storage option for the fridge when you pack lunches the night before. Plus, thanks to the convenient transparent view, you can easily see what's packed inside without opening the tray cover.

Simply grab the pre-packed tray the next morning, remove the tray cover, and pop the tray inside your Bentgo Kids lunch box (not included). You're all set to go!

Product Specifications
Compartment Capacity: Left: 1 cup; Back: 1/2 cup; Right: 1/2 cup; Front: 1/4 cup; Sauce: 2 tbsp


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Great design. I got 2 of these so I can meal prep for my kids' lunches. Makes the rushed mornings much easier when pre-made."

S. C.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Absolutely love these for my pre-K and 1st graders. Compartments allow for a variety of different foods to keep them interested in lunch and portion control."


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"They have been worth every penny. It saves the trouble of buying reusable plastic bags for lunches. These trays can be easily washed in the dishwasher."

Kelly C.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"I bought the box and 4 of these trays so I can make 5 days of lunches on Sunday. Each day when she gets home, I pop the dirty one out and a fresh lunch in. Really, just amazing."

April W.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"I bought these for my 4- and 5-year old children's school lunch. They love them. It keeps their food fresh and it seals each compartmemt so that it doesn't leak onto the other food."

Nancy R.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Kids absolutely love these. We have fun packing their lunches and the product overall is durable and easy to clean."

Allie H.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Easy to clean, saves time, and saves washing several small containers. Sturdy and compact, fits easily into lunch bag/back pack."

Robert C.

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