Testimonials – Bentgo


I LOVE MY BENTGO. I use it for my lunch just about everyday. It's become an essential item to my daily routine. Plus, it looks great and I get so many complements on its look and function.  So I give Bentgo an A+ in satisfying my needs!
-Rachel C

I've been using the Bentgo for about 2 months now. I commute to work daily so I bring in my lunch each day. The Bentgo has been ideal. I've used other meal containers in the past as well as just plain Tupperware. The main problem I had with those was that they were just single trays. Some had dividers/separate areas for different foods while some didn't have any separation at all. The single trays were too big/wide. They had to be wide to fit all the individual sections. This is where the Bentgo system excels. Your multiple tray stacking concept allows for food separation as well as an overall compact size/footprint. This makes it much easier to carry to work in a bag or my backpack. I can use both trays or only one tray on certain days. I also like that the utensils are included and store away nicely. There's no added bulk. The aesthetics are great, the color scheme and shape. It's simple and functional which is what you would hope for.
-Stephen S

I did quite a bit of research prior to purchasing the Bentgo box.  I saw other similar products which were considerably more expensive ($30-50) and seemed to offer little more.  The only thing I would change about the Bentgo box is to make it more spill-proof by somehow making it water-tight.  However, I knew that the box did not form a water-tight seal prior to purchasing so it is as advertised.  The size has been appropriate for my lunches and I think it's a convenient way to take a well-portioned meal to work each day.  
-Danielle S 

My family loves their Bentgos. They are not only the best looking and most functional lunch boxes I have found, but the most affordable. Thank you!
-Francine Sklar, San Jose, CA

Sturdier and higher quality than I expected. I'm excited to use these for a looong time.
-Frank Weiss, Bellevue, WA

Oh my! These are so amazing! Planning on ordering a few more colors.
-Lana P, Quebec, Canada

I received my Bentgos last Tuesday! They are AWESOME! I send my hubby to work and son to school and they have been a big hit. They fit well inside of the square generic insulated lunch bags so I am able to include a bottle of water and an ice pack.
-Faye Miller, Valparaso, IN

Love my purple Bentgo! I make lunch the night before work, put it in my Bentgo, and seal it up. In the morning, I just grab it out of the fridge and I'm good to go. The fact that I can microwave it is a great feature too for when I bring leftovers.
-Jenny Doan, Los Angeles, CA

I've only had my Bentgo for a couple weeks; However, if this thing can hold up over the long run, it is officially the best storage container / lunch box I have ever used!
-George Alpert, Ithica, NY

Great conversation starter and impressive product. Thx!
-Lauren Coyne, San Francisco, CA

"Lunch that stacks up" doesn't do this product justice. It's a lunch box that is far beyond the others I've used.
-Jenna L, Chicago, IL

I bought the Green Bentgo and it is so vibrant and pretty looking. I am a strong believer in taking care of my body and the environment. I'm excited to have a product that is Green in more than one way :)
-Heidi Shumer, Denver, CO

Turns making lunch into a super fun experience!!! ...Ok, I wouldn't go that far, but it really does look stylish and makes my mornings easier.
-Susie Carole, Tucson, AZ