Bentgo Salad Container (2-Pack)

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Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Like taking a heathy salad for lunch and this product allows me to keep ingredients separate until lunch time so my veggies are crisp not soggy!"


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Great salad bowl for work. It keeps everything fresh and there is plenty of room for all the salad ingredients. Dishwasher-safe and the fork on top comes in handy."

Amazon Customer

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"The perfect compartments for all the toppings and a leak-proof mini container for dressing! We love this."

Ellen N.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"It's a great container that is absolutely leak-proof. I like the color and it is a great size for salad."

N. Nelson

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"This container is great for salads of course, but also any items that you don’t want mixed until time to eat, keeps everything crisp and crunchy instead of allowing them to become stale and soggy!"

Melissa L.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"I love the light weight and how it keeps all the salad components organized. It’s leak-free and so easy to clean."

Mariko U.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"Simple design, perfect size, durable plastic. It basically saved its cost back after one week of not buying prepackaged salads."


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