3 Simple Holiday Bento Box Ideas


This is a guest post from Danielle Simmons of the Simmworks Family Blog.

My kids have fallen in love with bento boxes. I started making them when I started packing my lunch (even though I work from home) and they look forward to seeing what I'm going to pack them next. Gone are the days of wanting the same thing for lunch every.single.day like before. Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't do elaborate bento boxes for my kids lunches. Instead, I choose one thing to make special or cut up and then the rest just goes with the theme of the bento I'm doing.

I always include foods my kids will actually eat. Because even if the baby eats seaweed, the big kids refuse it. Luckily coming up with simple holiday bento box ideas isn't difficult. And when you really get down to basics like I do, you can turn just about any classic lunch into a cute bento idea. Just grab a protein, a snack, some fruit and a few veggies and you're on your way to an awesome bento lunch for your kids. 

1. Get Creative

When it comes to bento boxes, less really is more. You don't have to spend a whole hour on your child's meal, just think of one creative spin you can put on the box in celebration of the holidays. Whether that's a little christmas tree cut out of their Babybel cheese wrapper, or a meat and cheese turkey like I've done here. No crazy design cut outs required!

For my Turkey, I layered two slices of oven roasted turkey breast on top of one another. Then I grabbed a slice of muenster cheese and cut 4 feathers into it. I layered the cheese feathers on top of the turkey and then grabbed a small slice of turkey to create the head. To make a wattle, I squirted some ketchup near the turkey head. That's it! Simple, cute, and edible.

2. Stay Seasonal

We like to eat seasonal foods. Not only do they taste better, but they're cheaper too. In this bento box I've incorporated a few of my favorite flavors this holiday season: turkey, cheese, pumpkin seeds, carrots with homemade ranch, and grapes. Simple but seasonal! Plus it's a great way to get some protein in disguized as pumpkin seeds. You can make your own as well with this simple recipe.

3. Think Holiday Colors

I wanted to focus on the holiday colors in my bento. Browns, greens, oranges and purples. By sticking with a few different colors, I can make sure my kids are eating the rainbow while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can find quite a few options for food when you're purchasing seasonal colorful produce.

How do you add a little holiday cheer to your bento box?