Be a Lunch Time Hero... With Breakfast

Be a Lunch Time Hero... With Breakfast

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Breakfast foods are the most consistently eaten foods in our house. Kids can be picky eaters, and mine are no different, but pancakes and eggs always win. When my son, RJ, started coming home from school with the majority of his food still in his lunchbox, I decided to try “Breakfast for Lunch” in an attempt to get him eating when I wasn’t around. And guess what...

Breakfast always wins.

In our house, breakfast consists of the classics: pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fruit. But for the purpose of taking this to school, I had to get a little creative. Pancakes turned into pancake sticks, hard-boiled eggs replaced the scrambled version we always make to eat at home, and the fruit is easy; the trick is to make it look pretty. (Kids are usually willing to try any foods if they look pretty enough.)

We usually use peanut butter on pancakes, so I swapped that out with a peanut-free option for our peanut-free school rules and added them to banana slices instead.

What makes this lunch selection even better, is that the pancakes and eggs can be made in advance. You can hard boil several eggs and refrigerate them. You can also make as many pancakes as you like and then put them in the freezer. They defrost and warm up perfectly after 4 minutes in the toaster.

Because of the five different compartments, the Bentgo Kids box really shines in making these kinds of lunches work. The compartments keep everything separated and the center cylinder compartment is perfect for dipping sauces like syrup!

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