How We Survive Lunch Time with Picky Eaters

How We Survive Lunch Time with Picky Eaters

Guest bloggers Alia Sullivan and Danielle Wahlstrom share moments of motherhood and style on their blog The two friends have four children between them, each with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old just days apart.

We both have the pickiest 3-year-olds when it comes to mealtime. Piper hates it when her food touches and demands having a different spoon or fork for each item requiring a utensil. Kolton is very particular about food touching as well, and will not go near certain lunchtime foods like sandwiches, salads, or mixed pastas (unless it’s mac and cheese).

With preschool just around the corner we have found the Bentgo Kids Box to be very helpful for our picky eaters! The different compartments keep all foods separated and saves us moms from having to wash out several things of Tupperware or worse, waste a bunch of plastic baggies.

Both Piper and Kolton get excited to see what is in their lunchbox. Piper loves her purple box; she is a bit obsessed with the color purple, and Kolton is all about his blue Bentgo Kids Box.

Our picky eaters love snacks, we’ve found if we call lunch a “snack” it is more likely to be eaten, and finger foods are best to keep the whole snack trick working.

Our lunches usually consist of cheese, crackers, a fun-shaped sandwich, or some shredded chicken, fruit, and a little treat. Piper gets gummy vitamins as a treat, which are both yummy and good for you, another little trick up our sleeves! Kolton loves berries and raisins and sees these as dessert. It’s a win-win for everyone.

These lunchboxes are also great for our littlest loves–who are the furthest things from picky! Our baby girls will eat just about anything. At least we each have one easy-to-please eater!

Got Picky Eaters?

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