Bentgo Bowl

Color: Slate


Our new and improved Bentgo® Bowl makes eating warm foods on-the-go easier than ever. The all-in-one design offers mess-free transport of soup, noodles, rice, stew, chili, cereal and so much more so you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal at school, work, on a plane, at the park, or just about anywhere. The new contoured lid makes the bowl easier to open while the notched base provides secure handling when eating on the go.

Sealed for freshness, Bentgo® Bowl's main compartment is made with two levels of leak-resistant protection to help keep wet foods from spilling. First, the inner lid is equipped with a leak-resistant silicone o-ring that fits snugly inside the bowl sealing in freshness while also preventing liquids from leaking. Second, the rim of the bowl itself is threaded so you can twist the top on securely for mess-free transport. The top compartment holds a ½ cup of toppings and bite-sized snacks while also providing a convenient space to store the included retractable utensil set. Bentgo Bowl now offers an extra layer of insulation to help keep hot foods warm up to 4 hours. (Note: Because of this insulation, Bentgo Bowl is NOT microwave safe)

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 5.3" L x 5.8" W
Snack Compartment Capacity: 1/2 cup | 4.3 oz | 127 ml
Bowl Capacity: 2.6 cups | 21.2 oz | 627 ml
Materials: Food-grade ABS and PP

Ergonomic Design

New ergonomic design is ideal for meals in motion. It offers an easy-open lid and notched base that makes handling and eating on the go simpler than ever. Perfect for soups, stews, cereals, rice or noodle meals, and smoothie bowls.

Snack Compartment

Pack your favorite toppings and bite-sized snacks to go with your main dish. This smart built-in snack compartment holds up to half a cup of your favorite dry snacks such as crackers, granola, dried fruit, and more.

Leak-Proof Lid

Inner lid fits snugly inside the bowl to seal in freshness and provide extra leak-proof insurance. Lid is lined with a silicone o-ring to prevent spills and the bowl also features a threaded rim so you can twist the top securely closed.

Retractable Utensils

Always have a spoon and fork when you need them - the included retractable utensil set nests inside the top snack compartment. The sturdy utensils expand to full size when it’s time to eat and easily collapse for storage.

Never Skip Breakfast Again

No time to eat cereal at home? Take it with you to start the day off right.

Keep Soup Warm Until Lunch

Pack a hot lunch in the morning and enjoy it still warm at noon.

Great for Snacking Too

Stay energized all afternoon with a hearty, wholesome smoothie bowl or fruit medley.