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Beat brown bag boredom by toting your lunch to work in this all-in-one carrier. With two stackable containers and built-in plastic silverware, it’s a cinch to pack a well-balanced meal. Plus, the secure strap makes transporting your food a breeze. Available in four colors. Read More
Today's Daily Obsession is another item we first fell in love with for our POPSUGAR Must Have box. This Bentgo meal-storage container can keep your lunch well-organized and offers a great, eco-friendly way to eat healthy every day. The containers nest together, so it's incredibly easy to transport, and you'll never lose your silverware. The durable containers are also microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. Read More
Kids lunch boxes used to be tin or plastic squares adorned with superheroes, or plain paper bags adorned with nothing at all. With the launch of Bentgo, a new line of stackable, eco-friendly lunch boxes, it’s apparent that we’ve come a long way from the brown—or BPA-ridden—bag. Read More
I started thinking of ways to take my brown bag lunch to the next level. First, I went out and purchased a Bengto lunch box in a bright, fun color. Lunch boxes bring me back to my childhood and although I’m technically a “working woman,” there is still a thirteen year old girl living inside of me. Next, I started thinking about ideas for what I could fill my lunch box with each day. The possibilities seemed endless. Sushi, salads, sandwiches, stir fry, I could go on. Read More
So string cheese has worked its way into June’s new stackable Bentgo box (which she loves stacking and unstacking! That in itself keeps her occupied for at least 20 minutes). And those ubiquitous Goldfish. And last night’s leftover pasta, and even the occasional pack of those fake cheese-y sandwich crackers I’m not wild about. Whatever it takes to get her fed. Read More
Introducing Bentgo, the all-in-one stackable lunchbox. I received this lunchbox in the mail the other day and was thrilled to test it out! What I love about this lunchbox is that you can pack healthy foods. Salads, veggies, fruit, etc. No plastic bags involved or dripping fruit juices! Wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, I made a strawberry salad, packed it in my Bentgo box and headed downtown for a picnic. Read More
Bentgo couldn't of arrived at a better time at my house, I couldn't wait to put it to use! With the all-in-one stack-able lunch box solution that stacks up, the possibilities are endless with different size compartments... At the moment we use the Bentgo for my son's school lunches but I'd love to get another one soon for Hubby to use for work. The Bentgo comes with two stack-able containers with lids, built-in plastic silverware & a secure strap for easy transportation! Read More
So we’re making it a priority to eat healthy even on the go. That means packing an immunity-boosting lunch in an easily transported container. And our office is obsessed with Bentgo — a sleek new stackable lunch box that comes with built-in utensils, perfect for portion control and easy clean up. Plus we’re loving the cute colors it comes in so nobody can “accidentally” take your delish lunch! And did we mention it’s eco-friendly? Score! Read More
Bentgo is a sleek, stackable, modern take on a lunch box. It’s separated into compartments for easy portion control (great for those of us who are health conscious!). It’s eco-friendly and come in a great line of colors: purple, grey, blue and green. Read More
Food is a major part of my life- I would say the highlight of most my days is food related, so you can imagine my joy when I found Bentgo lunch boxes in all their adorable and functional glory... It also has perfectly-sized compartments to help me exercise healthy portion control because I have little to no willpower. Read More
The best part for me is that the box is dishwasher safe and eco-friendly (love it). Packing your lunch a few times a week is a great way to save some calories and some cash, and the Bentgo box is the perfect way to have your lunch travel with you in style. Looking for a recipe that will fit perfectly in your Bentgo? Give this one a try. Read More
Luckily, companies have started to take note of this, one in particularly has caught my attention, Bentgo. One of the reasons I liked it was obviously the color palette; the bright blue box is my favorite! But after I moved on from the aesthetics, I was impressed by Bentgo’s attention to detail: the container is divided into appropriate portions, comes with silverware and can be thrown in the dishwasher. This makes packing lunches easier, and having portion control made simple can slim down you down in no time. Read More
When it comes to eating healthy, one of the biggest challenges can be knowing exactly how much healthy food to pack to control for portions and calories. Make their life just a bit easier with the Bentgo, a stackable lunch box with two easy-to-transport containers that make it easy to control for portion-size and healthy eating... With several bright colors to choose from, the Bentgo makes a truly great gift towards their mission to live healthier. Read More
Encourage her to eat homemade meals at work with the Bentgo box, the sleek, all-in-one stackable lunch box that lets you take your meals with you wherever you go. Complete with built-in plastic silverware and a sealing strap, she'll never have an excuse to eat out again. Read More
BEST TRAVEL GIFTS: Culinary-minded fliers, road trippers, and car campers alike will appreciate being able to pack and go with these stackable plastic food containers. Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, the BPA-free plastic packs include two containers; a built-in knife, fork, and spoon; and a sealing strap. They’re safe for both microwaves and dishwashers. Read More
Based on the Japanese-style bento boxes, these transportable lunch boxes are great for smart storage and transport. The box contains separated compartments, allowing for different entrée and side dishes to be stored without touching one another. Read More