3 Tips for Packing On-the-Go Summer Meals for Your Kids

3 Tips for Packing On-the-Go Summer Meals for Your Kids

Guest blogger Ashley Reeves is a Utah momprenuer. She has three young boys and a baby girl. She shares healthy recipes daily on her Instagram account (@ashleysfreshfix ) and loves helping other moms build their business with social media.

Summer break started for our family this week. I have three young boys and a baby girl, and I know our summer days will be spent on-the-move. We are active and love to be outside. In the midst of swimming, hiking, playing at the park, and running around town–I always struggle to find affordable yet healthy options for food on-the-go for my kids.

I LOVE Bentgo Kids because it has several small compartments to organize healthy food for smaller appetites, including a small compartment for a sweet treat! 

A convenient, finger-friendly meal I like to pack for my kids includes cucumbers, strawberries, cheese, crackers and a few M&M's–because balance is important! They recently gobbled these up during one of our outings.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashley Reeves

I love how easy these lunchboxes are to take on the go. Plus, they are a breeze to clean and my kids love them too!

If you are looking to pack snacks and lunches for your outings this summer, keep these 3 tips in mind. They work well for my family, and I think they will prove valuable for yours too:

1) Try to include at least one of each of the basic food groups: Fruit, Veggies, Grains, Dairy and Protein.

2) Let the kids help you pack! This does three important things: helps them learn how to pack their lunch, teaches them about the food groups, and gives them more of an incentive to get excited to eat when the time comes because they put the effort in!

3) Always pack a little extra. Your kids can snack on the leftovers, share them with playmates or you can even sneak a bite or two when you get hungry!


Want even more great ideas for on-the-go meals this summer?

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