3 Halloween-Inspired Bentgo Lunchboxes

3 Halloween-Inspired Bentgo Lunchboxes

Bree is a full-time software engineer who loves arts and crafts, cooking and baking. She is very passionate about maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. She strives to keep work days bright, colorful, and enjoyable with delicious, nutritious, and cutely designed lunches for herself and her boyfriend. She shares these creations on her Instagram account @bentosbybree.

Halloween is just around the corner! Can you believe it?! I’m so excited! Some of the first things that come to my mind about Halloween (other than all of the delicious treats of course) are Jack-O-Lanterns and costumes. I’ve always loved the creative freedom you get with both activities – endless possibilities for pumpkin designs and costume ideas!  So, those are the themes of the lunches I’ve made to share with you all here – one is a salad dressed up to be a Monster, and the other two are all about the Jack-O-Lanterns!


#1 The Silly Salad “Monster”

Every salad wants to be more than just a salad, and for Halloween, they can be anything! This particular Bentgo Salad is a colorful and silly Monster. His eyes are made up of two hard-boiled egg slices, red romaine lettuce pupil circles, and orange bell-pepper slices for his eyebrows. He’s got a big carrot slice nose, with cucumber skin nostrils. His claws and mouth are also made from a cucumber – using a lengthwise slice for his mouth to get some seed-teeth! His tongue is a lengthwise slice of a Roma tomato – all slimy and perfect for a Monster!


#2 Ghoulish Treats

Every Salad Monster needs some ghoulish, spooky treats to go with it, which are in the top compartment of the Bentgo Salad container. There are grape eyeballs made with little Gouda cheese circles and tiny pieces of raisins for pupils. There are cheese and crackers, but they’re crawling with raisin-spiders! And lastly, a sweet treat with some apple and carrot-infused oatmeal cookies, and a white chocolate piped monster face with some mini-chocolate chips for the eyes.

Tools used: I used a hole punch for the pupils and the nostrils of the Salad Monster, the antlers on a Moose cookie cutter for his claws, and a moon cookie cutter for his mouth. I used a small circle cookie-cutter to make the grape eyeball-whites out of cheese, and used a knife and my fingers to shape raisin slices into the pupils and into the spiders and their spindly legs. I melted some white chocolate chips with a little bit of almond milk and put that into a piping bag to make the monster face on the oatmeal cookie. Everything else is just the natural shapes and colors of the fruits and veggies used!


#3 Jack-O-Lantern “Trick or Treat”

I find nothing more iconic about Halloween than the smiling face of a Jack-O-Lantern, and it always makes me want to smile back! So what better way to bring some Halloween fun into your lunch than creating some fun Jack-O-Lantern faces with your food? For this lunch, I’m using the versatile Bengto Lunch classic lunchbox. The bottom compartment has a veggie-quinoa mix patted down into it to make a flat bed, with cucumber flesh Jack-O-Lantern eyes, nose, and a smile and “Trick Or Treat” spelled out using the cucumber skin.

Towards the bottom, I have a layer of hummus to mix in with the quinoa, and two orange bell pepper pumpkins, along with a little green bell pepper Frankenstein, with cucumber pieces for his hair, eyes, smile and neck spikes! The top compartment of this lunch box has even more spooky but cute snacks! I have half an orange with the skin left on, and another smiling Jack-O-Lantern face drawn on with a permanent marker, surrounded by peeled orange pieces from the other half of the orange and some cute Bento Halloween food-picks. Then there’s a Skeleton-shaped hard-boiled egg, surrounded by homemade Halloween shaped tortilla chips to dip into the quinoa mixture!

Tools used: Lots of mini cookie-cutters were used to create the bell pepper shapes and the mini tortilla chips, and mini alphabet letter cutters were used to spell out “Trick or Treat”. I used a Skeleton egg mold to make the skeleton face on the hard-boiled egg. Frankenstein’s details were made from leftover cucumber scraps, just using a paring knife and a toothpick to help place them onto the bell pepper gingerbread man shape.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween-inspired lunches! I can’t wait to carve pumpkins and figure out my costume for this year. What are some of your favorite Halloween activities?


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