5 Store-Bought Lunches Made Healthy [Video]

5 Store-Bought Lunches Made Healthy [Video]

It can sometimes be overwhelming to come up with new lunch ideas.  As a
mom who makes 5 kid lunches daily, Sylina has come up with many healthy and
fun lunch ideas that will keep the kids happy and make your life easier!
With more than 13,000 followers on Instagram, dozens of handy lunch tutorials on
YouTube as well as a growing Facebook group dedicated solely to Bento
Lunchbox Ideas–she is excited to share and inspire others to pack healthy
lunch boxes too!

I don't know many kids who would turn down a trip to McDonald’s or a
packaged Lunchables from the grocery store–do you?

Who can blame them when those types of store-bought lunches are packed
with delicious flavors and easy to grab and eat! Unfortunately those
foods aren't exactly considered "healthy" to have on a daily basis and
should probably be considered treats for special occasions.

Does that mean that you can't send your little one to school with a
delicious lunch that will bring them just as much joy to eat? NO!

Here are some ideas on how I make 5 popular store-bought lunches a little
bit health-i-er!

1. Lunchables

The easiest and fastest lunch to replicate is the infamous Lunchables. The
key here is to pick crackers that have some extra seeds, protein, veggies
or nuts in them. Low sodium is also a good choice as the high sodium and
preservatives found in store bought Lunchables is what many would consider
the "unhealthy" aspect of this lunch choice. That brings us to the
sandwich meat or cold cuts. The same thing applies here, look for options
with the least amount of sodium, preservatives, and other unpronounceable
ingredients. If your child is more adventurous, you can even branch
away from the deli meats and use other protein options like boiled eggs,
hummus, edamame, or pate–all things that go great with crackers. Cheese is
also a staple ingredient to round out your homemade Lunchables. You can go the
traditional route and add your own cheddar and mozzarella cheese squares
or try softer cheeses like cream cheese, brie, or even blue cheese if
that's something your child likes! After that, the sky’s the limit as to
what you can add. I would suggest some type of fruit and vegetable like
carrot sticks, cucumbers, apple slices, berries etc. Finally do not forget
the oh-so popular treat! This can be anything your child likes– go crazy!

2. Chicken Nuggets

What would you think if I told you a chicken nugget could be packed full
of veggies? Making your own homemade nuggets doesn't need to be hard at
all AND the best part is that you know exactly what is in it! It's as
simple as throwing some chicken breasts into your food processor then
adding any of your favorite cooked veggies and seasoning (cheese is
optional and very tasty!). Shape and give them a coating of crushed bread
crumbs, panko, or even any of your favorite crackers crumbled up. The best
part? They can be baked not fried! Just lightly spray with some cooking
oil and bake at 400°F for 15-20 minutes flipping halfway through. You
will not believe how amazing these taste! Serve with some ketchup then get
ready because your kids will be asking for these often!

3. Uncrustables

We all know how it can feel when you start to get tired of making and
eating the same old sandwich day in and day out. Uncrustables are a great
way to change things up and they're 100% kid-friendly! Crust-free, pockets
of yummy PB&J or cream cheese and strawberries, nutella and bananas,
pepperoni and cheese... the options are literally endless. To make them
just use a round cookie cutter or the top of a glass to cut out a circular
shape out of two pieces of bread, add your fillings then using a fork
pinch all the edges together - voila they're ready! You can also give it a
quick toasting in your toaster or oven and the ooey-gooey melted fillings
will taste even better–YUM.

4. Pizza Lunch

The good news is that almost anything can be turned into a homemade pizza!
You can go all out and make everything from the dough to the sauce and
even the toppings (you won't believe how easy it actually is–just two
ingredients to make the dough–equal parts of self-rising flour and Greek
yogurt) OR buy pre-made pizza dough or skip that altogether and use
pitas, lavash bread, bagels, bread, tortillas–the options are endless!
This is a great one to get the kids to help make, too.

5. Hamburger

Did you have meatballs for dinner? Because of their small size, they make
great leftovers for lunch and turning them into mini burgers is no harder
than making a sandwich! Grab some mini hamburger slider buns and assemble
–that's all. If you're pre-planning them for lunches, a good suggestion
would be to flatten them out into mini patties–the thinner the better–as
it will make eating them cold more appealing to your child. Leave the
ketchup on the side for them to add themselves. This will keep the bun
from getting soggy, or add it between the lettuce and cheese so that the
bun itself isn't touching the ketchup. Pair this with some fruit or veggie
“fries” (a crinkle cutter does the job well) and you have a well-balanced lunch ready to go!


So, the next time your child is requesting one of these store-bought
lunches, these homemade options will help to satisfy their cravings.
Before long, you may find that they'll be requesting your homemade
versions instead!

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