Presentation Helps Make Back-to-School Lunch Fun

Presentation Helps Make Back-to-School Lunch Fun

Mindy is a wife, a mom, and advocate for healthy living. She has a health/fitness Instagram (@motivationmindy) where she posts about her own personal transformation, incorporating healthy living into family life, simple and yummy recipes, and tips for getting kids to eat their veggies!

I am constantly looking for ways to make sure I'm feeding my kids good, healthy, and nutritious foods. One thing I've learned is that presentation is everything. On my Instagram account, I like to share the "Muffin Tin" lunches I make for my kids. They'll eat just about anything if I serve it in a muffin tin. That idea works great when we're at home, but my oldest is heading to first grade this year. Naturally I've been on the hunt for the perfect lunchbox. When I came across Bentgo Kids, I was sold!

Not only are the container sizes perfect, and the possibilities for new and exciting lunches endless, but the design is simple and easy for kids to use, and the whole thing is a breeze to clean! My son was so excited about it when it came, and even more so when we packed it up for lunch! Although school doesn't start for a couple more weeks, he couldn't wait to test it out. And now he wants to use it daily for lunch!

He loves to help me choose what goes inside, and I love that I can give him a variety of healthy options. I try to include a protein, a carb, a fruit, and a veggie each time. So far so good! We honestly couldn't have asked for a better lunchbox as we send him off to first grade.

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