The Zen of Taking Your Lunch to Work

Let’s face it—no matter what you do for a living the work week is filled with challenges for just about everyone. Whether you have to deal with annoying co-workers or find yourself up against unreasonable requests or deadlines, there is no shortage of stressful situations in most work environments.

Lunch time is often the only break you get during the day to decompress, re-energize and restore your Zen or sense of calm. But, can you honestly say you’re maximizing the benefits of your mid-day break? If you eat out a lot for lunch, chances are good you are not. Check out these three advantages of taking your lunch to work.

More Time to Take a Much Needed Break

Even if you have an entire hour for your lunch break, going out to grab a bite can eat up as much as 30 minutes of that precious time. With travel to and from the restaurant plus time spent waiting in line and then for your order, you often have little time left to enjoy your meal and relax. By taking your lunch box to work, you give yourself more time to decompress from the stress of the first half of your work day and to refocus your energy for Round 2.

Getting Exactly What You Want

One of the easiest ways to stay in a calm and relaxed state throughout lunch is to get exactly what you want. When you pack your lunchbox, you get the exact meal you want and can pick the location where you want to eat it. By going out to eat, you run the risk of receiving bad service, paying for overpriced food, and sitting in congested dining areas. Avoid this possibility altogether by bringing a tasty and nutritious lunch you know you will love.

Save Your Money and Take a Vacation Instead

According to Forbes, Americans spend nearly $1,000 a year to eat out twice a week for lunch. Imagine the vacation you could take with that money instead. If you’ve been putting off vacation because you couldn’t spare the expense, start taking your lunch box every day and before you know it you’ll have the funds to plan a vacation to a place that inspires and rejuvenates you.

We’ve outlined just a few of the ways taking your lunch box to work contributes to the calm and peace of your day. If you’re not ready to commit to brown bagging every day, just incorporate one more day a week and watch your stress levels begin to decrease.

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