7 Hot Lunch Ideas for the Bentgo Bowl

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Sometimes it's just nice to have a delicious hot lunch!

We've reached the middle of winter, and sadly, cold days have become an
unavoidable reality. Not to fret - The Bentgo Bowl is the perfect
solution! Bigger than your standard thermos - it's built in a smart and
functional way to mimic eating out of a real bowl with a separate section
for additional toppings or snacks. I love that it has combined the best
aspects of a thermos and a bento box into one.

With the ability to pack both cold and hot meals - your options for lunch
are really endless!

Here are 7 hot lunch ideas that are perfect for the Bentgo Bowl

1. Soups
February is Soup month - and now with the Bentgo Bowl, you can pack a nice
hot bowl of soup with a side of crackers or toast. Soups are perfect for
lunch because it can act as a filling stand-alone meal option. You really
don't need much more than a nutritious bowl of minestrone, chicken noodle
soup or seafood chowder!

2. Noodle Soups
Have a craving for some ramen or noodle soup but don't want the noodles to
get too soggy? With the Bentgo Bowl you can had your hot soup base in the
bowl section and place your noodles in the snack section. At lunch all you
have to do is add the noodles back into the hot soup and you're good to

3. Pasta
Cold pasta is good... but hot pasta is even better! Just imagine opening
up your lunch and finding hot, gooey, cheesy goodness on top of your
favourite pasta - yum! The delicious aroma alone will have you packing hot
pasta daily. Lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese - you name it - it'll
work perfectly in the Bentgo Bowl.

4. Rice
Have leftover rice, risotto or congee from dinner? It can sometimes be
tough to eat cold rice - but now without a second thought, you can just
heat it up with any of your leftovers in the morning and pack it into your
Bentgo Bowl - and at lunch time - you'll be able to enjoy your hot dinner
leftovers without the use of a microwave! Fried rice, salmon teriyaki,
roasted chicken, steak or even fried eggs over a bed of hot rice - so
fast, easy and delicious.

5. Nuggets
Every kid loves nuggets - but they may not be as happy to have them for
lunch if they're cold and even worse - soggy! Think outside the box.
Sometimes we can get stuck in the mindset that a thermos can only be used
for soups, pastas and rice but that's not the case at all! Nuggets,
grilled cheese, fish sticks and other foods with a crispy exterior will do
amazing in the Bentgo Bowl and these are foods you know your kids will
enjoy eating.

6. Hamburger
Yes - it is absolutely possible to pack a whole burger into the thermal
section of the Bentgo Bowl (and even have space for a few hot french fries
too). Now there's no need to surprise your child with a stop at McDonalds
because you can make your own healthier burger, hot dog or pizza at home
and pack it for their lunch. Just imagine how jealous the other kids will

7. Hot Oatmeal
Sometimes having a nice oatmeal for lunch can be the perfect meal to get
you through the day. Top it with some extra seeds, nuts or fruit and pair
it with some nutritious snacks and in just a couple of minutes - a hot
lunch is made in the morning to be enjoyed hours later!

Thermal, leakproof, light weight and with two layers - the Bentgo Bowl is
the perfect lunch time solution for hot lunches without the hassle of
packing a thermos and multiple containers. The large bowl capacity itself
allows you to pack a substantial amount of hot foods that will keep your
belly warm on these cold winter days.

What are your favourite hot lunch meals? Please share your ideas in the

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