Heart Themed Lunch for Your Little Valentine

Heart Themed Lunch for Your Little Valentine

Lizzie is a former full time corporate gal turned stay at home mama. She has 3 kiddos ages 6, 4, & 2. She is also the author of the blog This Happy Life.  She loves to create special moments for her kids and really tries to celebrate the everyday. In order to achieve that, she says her house is often a mess, she basically lives in yoga pants & drinks way too much coffee.

Doesn't having kids just make everything better? (well, almost everything, wink wink) - but take holidays for example; they are SO much more fun with kids!

I knew when I had kids I wanted to try and be that "fun Mom" - I wanted to do those extra little things to make my kids know they were special. That's easy to do with holidays.

I thought it would be fun to create a Valentine's Day themed lunch for my son. I knew they would all fit perfectly into his Bentgo lunchbox. To do this, I thought of his favorite foods that I could turn into heart shapes. I chose the following:

  • Heart shaped PB & J's (he is allowed to bring peanut butter to his school - if your child cannot, this can be any kind of sandwich)
  • Heart shaped cheese
  • Heart shaped strawberries (just cut your strawberries in half, then cut a "v" at the top to create the heart)
  • Heart shaped cookies 

I have different sizes of heart cutters so it was pretty easy to make these. But even if you do not have heart cutters, you can easily make the shape by simply cutting with a knife.

I created this as a mock lunch to see how he would like it, and not to my surprise, he LOVED it! He told me over and over again how much he loved everything being in the shape of a heart. I know this lunch made him feel special, and isn't that what it's all about? 

What do you do to help your kids feel special?

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