Bella Boo's Family Lunchbox Giveaway

Bella Boo's Family Lunchbox Giveaway

Amy is the creator of Bella Boo's Lunches on YouTube. She is the mother of 7-year-old Bella. As most parents do she struggled with the thought of sending her daughter to Kindergarten. One way she knew she could still be present with her daughter at school was packing her lunches and this is how Bella Boos lunches got started.

The summer prior to Bella starting kindergarten I researched lunch boxes. I was looking for something that would be easy to pack as well as simple for Bella to open. Lunchtime is a short time period and I didn't want Bella struggling to open lids or waste time peeling fruit. A container with multiple sections and one lid was very important. The Bentgo Kids Lunchbox was exactly what I was looking for. I loved that the sections were individually sealed so I could pack yogurt or applesauce and a sandwich in one box and not worry about the sandwich getting soggy or Bella struggling to open the applesauce. I started recording the before and after of the lunches. Showing what I packed and then what was actually eaten by Bella at school. I uploaded the videos to YouTube and the channel has continued to grow. Kids are watching the videos and trying new fruits and vegetables and parents are watching the videos grabbing any new ideas they think will work with their children.

A typical lunch I pack has many bright colors. I love to use leftovers anytime we have them. Not only does that help with food waste but it also makes lunch packing easy. I think the prettier the lunch is the more enjoyable it is to eat it. I never make it a point to claim the lunches are healthy but nature does provide beautiful colors that happen to also be healthy. Having fun and playing with your food is okay. Cookie cutters will turn a green pepper into a cute heart. Or layer multiple colors of peppers and they look like a rainbow. Have fun with your food and you might just end up eating a vegetable by accident.

Watch my video to see how I pack lunches, and to learn how you can win Bentgo Lunchboxes for the whole family!

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