Bentgo Lunch Box Comparison

Bentgo Lunch Box Comparison

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Now that it’s back-to-school time again, many of us will be in search for the perfect lunch box system for ourselves and our little ones.

Bentgo offers several different lunch boxes that will accommodate all age ranges. Their products are well made, durable, affordable and their designs reflect the needs of real life lunch packers. Not only can you choose between the different configurations, they also offer both BPA Free plastic and glass containers as well as cold and hot food solutions.

To help make your choice easier, I’ve put together this Bentgo comparison video and blog post showing you the differences between the various lunch boxes. So let’s get right to it!

The 7 Bentgo lunch containers I will be featuring are:

  1. – Bentgo Kids
  2. – Bentgo Fresh
  3. – Bentgo Glass
  4. – Bentgo Glass Snack
  5. – Bentgo Bowl
  6. – Bentgo Salad
  7. – Bentgo Lunch Box

Bentgo Comparison Chart

Bentgo Comparison Breakdown

Let’s compare the Bentgo Fresh vs the Bentgo Kids first as they are very similar in design and price. With only $2 in difference, the Bentgo Fresh is a slightly larger version of the Bentgo Kids with the added versatility of a removable divider. The Bentgo Kids has 5 compartments – great for more variety and smaller portions.

The Bentgo Fresh has 4 compartments but is adjustable to become a 3 compartment lunch box. You can easily remove the included divider and fit a whole sandwich into the large compartment.

As you can see in the photo below, I placed the full sandwich sideways and placed the divider against the side of the sandwich instead of using the grooves that the divider is supposed to secure on to. The large compartment with the divider is leak proof from the other compartments but it is not leakproof within the large compartment even with the divider so be mindful about placing wet foods that you do not want to mix with dry foods.

In regards to food capacity, the Bentgo Fresh holds almost 5 cups of food, whereas the Bentgo Kids is slightly below 3 cups. This makes the Bentgo Kids more appropriate for younger children with smaller appetites and the Bentgo Fresh for those with larger appetites or even adults!

Even with the larger design, the Bentgo Fresh is fairly similar in weight to the Bentgo Kids. Rest assured that the larger design will still fit into most of the standard sized lunch bags.

One other major difference between these two boxes is the material on the outer shell. The Bentgo Kids has a slip resistant rubber bumper that lines the edge of the box – this is especially handy for younger children as it helps to prevent slips or damage from drops. As the Bentgo Fresh is targeted towards an older age range, it does not have the rubber bumper and instead has a smooth edge that matches the rest of the shell.

The next three Bentgo lunch containers I will look at all serve a distinct purpose. The Bentgo Bowl – for warm lunches such as soups, pasta, rice etc., the Bentgo Salad – for larger portioned salads and foods that do not need to be warmed up, the Bentgo Lunch Box – for traditional style bento lunches.

All three of these Bentgo lunch containers are priced the same ($14.99) and include utensils that fit right into the lunch box, they each also have two levels – a top section for snacks and a bottom section for your main lunch food. Depending on what types of food you enjoy having for lunch, one of these boxes would appeal more to you. All three are very light in weight – coming under 1lb.

The Bentgo Bowl is definitely the choice for you if you often crave hot lunches. It’s a lot larger than traditional thermos containers with space for over 3 cups of food. It also has a large opening that makes it feel like you are literally eating out of a bowl and not a thermos!

For the salad lover and someone who likes a big portion of food and snacks, the Bentgo Salad is perfect. Holding 9 cups of food, you can place all your veggies and greens in the bottom compartment and keep all your toppings separate on the top compartment – at lunch time, just toss it all together.

The original and first Bentgo lunch box container resemble that of a traditional bento box. It has a larger bottom section, where you can add dinner leftovers to be heated up in the microwave and a top section with two compartments to add extra snacks. The whole container top and bottom will hold up to 4.5 cups of food.

The most innovative Bentgo container I think is the new Bentgo Glass containers. With a bento style compartments, these glass containers are a must for those who want to avoid plastics. In two sizes, the regular 3 compartment Bentgo Glass and the smaller 2 compartment Bentgo Glass Snack – you will surely have all the food you need for the work day.

Both are completely leak-proof and microwave safe so you are free to pack cold foods, hot foods, wet foods – anything really! The snack container is about half the size of the regular container as well as half the weight too.

The Bentgo Glasses are definitely my favorite containers for my own mom lunches. Not only is it visually beautiful it is also very well made – the glass is thick and very durable. These are great for lunches, meal planning or even just food storage 🙂 .

And there you have it. I hope that this comparison of all the Bentgo products has come in handy for you. I’d love to know which one is your favorite!



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