Lunch that Keeps You "On a Roll"

Lunch that Keeps You "On a Roll"

Meranda is a mom with two growing children who love to eat. She enjoys making lunch time fun and sharing meal ideas on her Instagram @lanas_lunches. She's hoping to inspire other moms to pack healthy lunches for their children!

Packing lunches daily can be very time-consuming. My favorite solution is roll-ups! They're a favorite with my kids and so easy to make!

The first roll up is so easy!

All you need is:

Wheat tortilla
2 Slices of turkey breast
Laughing Cow cheese spread
Shredded carrots
(You can always add more fillings!)

Once you have placed all the fillings inside the tortilla, all you do is roll! Simple as that. They can even be made the night before to cut down time in the morning when getting out the door!

Second, is a sweet treat that your kids will enjoy!

You'll need:

A Banana  
Peanut butter

Then roll again!

Third, is a chicken salad that you can use left overs for!

You'll need:

Chicken (I used leftover chicken breast)  
Green onion
(You can always add more veggies!)


Season to your liking, and with a quick roll, you're done with school lunch!

The possibilities are endless with roll ups and they are sure to be eaten up at lunch!

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