The Art of Packing the Perfect Lunch for Work

The Art of Packing the Perfect Lunch for Work

Sanaz is a wife, mother, lawyer, avid runner and self-described health junkie who still finds time to pack wholesome lunches for her entire family each day. Her idea-rich Instagram account @srunsforcake has nearly 19,000 followers who look to her for daily meal inspiration.

Like so many people working an office job, I used to find myself often going out to lunch or ordering take-out. Not only was this expensive, but the most convenient options were usually the unhealthiest. Not too long after having my daughter, I decided to take control of the foods my family consumed. I made time to plan and prep meals on a weekly basis. Not only did this little amount of effort save me hours throughout the week. it also helped me pack a delicious and nutritious lunch daily. I now pack lunch for me, my three-year old, and my husband in a matter of a few minutes every single day.  

Here are some tips I picked up along the way that can help you make packing your lunch  box manageable and fun! 



  1. Always Try to Pack Your Lunch the Night Before 

If you can't pack everything, get some of your lunch packed so it doesn't slow you down in the morning. Mornings at my house are pretty hectic. Trying to get up and ready for the day while getting two toddlers fed and ready can often be a challenge. The biggest lifesaver for me has been having my lunch and snacks for the day pre-packed. When cleaning up dinner the night before, I typically get out my Bentgo and start packing. I also do this for my kids and husband.  This way, there is one less thing to do in the morning, and I always have a day full of delicious eats. 


  1. Try to Have a Meal Plan 

Before heading out to the grocery store, I try to come up with a meal plan for the week. This helps me buy foods for specific meals which helps save money and makes cooking meals easier. I only really plan out dinners and often make salads or sandwiches for lunch.


  1. Utilize Leftovers 

Leftovers can be your best friend.  Like so many people, I used to hate leftovers. With time, I realized that leftovers are my best friend. I typically only make enough food for dinner and one lunch. This prevents me from getting tired of eating the same foods and makes packing lunch so easy.  


  1. Keep It Simple 

Lunch doesn't have to be complicated.  The best lunches for me are the ones that include a variety of simple foods. Some type of protein, some veggies, some fruit and often some type of grain. I also love snacks so I try to pack a few wholesome snacks to eat throughout the day.  


  1. Keep It Fun 

Cute and practical lunch containers make packing lunch so much easier and more fun.  They help organize your meals, stack nicely in the fridge and help color code meals for family members.  


Hopefully, these tips will motivate you to take a few extra minutes each day to make food choices that are not only better for your health but better for your wallet! 


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