The Force is Strong With This Lunch...

The Force is Strong With This Lunch...

Lyz, of Guts and Glamour, is a single mom just trying to conquer the galaxy, one lunch at a time. She sticks to light-speed, working full-time, and school full-time, but likes to take her creativity for spin whenever possible. Check out how she pulled off this easy and budget friendly Star Wars Lunch Box!

Who doesn’t want all the cool Star Wars kitchen gadgets and do-dads? I know I do! Unfortunately, I’m also on a tight budget. Being the Star Wars addict that am, I really wanted to pull together a quick and budget friendly May the 4th themed lunch for my kiddos. I pulled some inspiration off of Pinterest, took inventory of my fridge, grabbed my Bentgo Kids lunchbox, and got started.

The grape and blueberry light sabers were the easiest to make, using chopsticks when I couldn’t find skewers or toothpicks. There’s a kitchen hack for ya! ;) 

I also used the chopsticks for Mushroom Leia and Kiwi Yoda! I found it easiest to carve out the kiwi, but leaving the “stem” intact on top and a piece of skin on the bottom. This gave the chopstick a sturdier holding! I also found it helpful to pierce the kiwi with a knife to give the chopstick a “pilot hole”, if you will. Just add little slices of blueberry inside Yoda’s eyes and ta-da! Kiwi Yoda is born! Yoda, I am your mother! I applied the same tactic to Mushroom Leia, but made sure to squirt lemon juice over the mushroom as soon as it was carved out, to help avoid discoloration.

The BB8 sandwich is pretty self-explanatory. I just made my kiddo’s favorite sandwich (Turkey, cheddar cheese, and pesto) then carved out the basic robot shape with a knife. Add a couple cheese cut outs for detail, slice a blueberry in half for the eye, tiny sliver for the mouth, and you’ve got an adorable little droid!

Stay on target! We are almost finished!

The Chewbacca chip cookie was so fast to make. A little Nutella swiped across the top, stick in some leftover Easter sprinkles, and you’ve got a ARHHHGHGHHHHGHGGGGGHH (that's Wookie for delicious) treat!

I hope my kids love their lunch as much as I enjoyed making it! Don’t be afraid to try this, because remember, fear is the path to the dark side.

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