Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with kids can be challenging. Whether packing up to take a road trip or catching a flight out of town, being prepared for family travel can make a world of difference. Here are my 4 simple tips to help make traveling with the kiddos fun!

1. Packing Cubes: I am a huge advocate of packing cubes because it helps your suitcase and family stay organized while on the road. You can color coordinate each cube to a family member so it makes finding a specific item easier. Also, I like the variation in sizes. I like to pack my daughters PJs, sound machine and special blanket in one cube. If we have late night travel or delayed/canceled flights I can quickly find that cube and begin the bedtime routine no matter where we are!

2. Snacks: Every mother will be with me on this one…snacks are a traveling necessity! The night before a trip I use the Bentgo Kids Lunchbox to prepare a nutritious meal for my daughter. The individual areas allow me to be mindful of packing a well-balanced meal. I love this because as hectic and unpredictable as travel can be, I always know my daughter will have something nutritious to munch on to help pass the time.

While I’m on this topic, bottles, pouches & suckers are great for helping kids’ ears pop for ascending and descending on airplanes. An additional side note: When flying, make sure all the food items you pack are TSA approved. No liquids! I’ve made the mistake of packing yogurt and had to hassle with that going through security.

With that being said, Mama, don’t forget YOURSELF! I use my Bentgo Bowl to pack a healthy option to keep me fueled during our travel day.

3. Activities: Entertaining the kiddos while making them sit still in a seat for hours on end may be a parents' (and child’s) worst nightmare. However, making sure you’ve packed some activities will help pass the time. I love sticker clings, usually found in the Target dollar section, for little kids because they can stick them on the windows over and over without any messy cleanup. Also, Waterworks books are fantastic for all ages because the pen is activated when filled with water, so no mess, and provides coloring entertainment.

4. Timing: I know this may sound simple, but planning and booking travel around kids nap schedules can help the trip tremendously. Sometimes super early or late trips can’t be avoided. If that’s the case bring what your child will need for those times of the day. Try to keep their routine the same even if the situation isn’t ideal.

And remember, no matter where the journey takes you just enjoy the ride together! Traveling is always better when you get to see the world through your child’s eyes!

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