Bentgo Fresh 3-Meal Prep Pack


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Customer Review - 5 Stars

"My daughter uses this for her school lunch. She loves prepping the boxes beforehand. Food stays nice and fresh."


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"It’s made packing lunches for my 2 1/2 year old not so much of a nightly headache. I’m able to pack three days worth at a time and this has reduced the amount of containers I need to wash every day."


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"I love that you can remove the divider between the bigger 2 sections to make it one big section."

Laura H.

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"The Bentgo Fresh 3-Meal Prep Pack is ideal for making lunches ahead of time and very easy to clean afterwards. The set stacks neatly in the refrigerator. The leakproof design is fantastic."


Customer Review - 5 Stars

"They're durable, easy to clean, and are just the perfect size for my 10 year old! I pop out the internal tray each night and stick it in the dish washer. Easy peasy!"

Robert S

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"We have used one of these for each our kids- they are durable and truly are leak proof! Sliced peaches for lunch is never a problem."

Mom of 2

Customer Review - 5 Stars

"The trays are great for keeping foods separate and fresh, and the box itself hasn't leaked at all (we have put yogurt, hummus, cottage cheese, and juicy fruits with no problems)."


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