A Leafy Christmas Tree Brunch

A Leafy Christmas Tree Brunch

Sarah Nami Ahn grew up as an Army Brat, got a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA, changed careers into fashion design. She is a mother of 2 happy little rascals and now a bento enthusiast. Loves the leak-proof boxes by Bentgo!

I'm so happy to be one of the first to test out a new product by Monkey Business Design. This very cute but also very easy-to-use leaf shaped pancake mold! (Thinking about using it for a sunny side up egg later too.) 🤔

In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to make it an unconventional Christmas tree! Just add green food coloring to the pancake batter and voila! Fits perfectly in the Bentgo Fresh's largest compartment. My daughter asked me to make her 3 more of these today!

Tip using the mold: the trick is to coat the mold with plenty of oil so that the pancake slips right off when you lift up the mold mid-fry. This one works really well. There are others that require a lot of practice to make it look like the picture on the box. 😜

Pancake batter: I used Birch Benders Paleo Mix. It's super easy, all you have to do is add water. Not only is it paleo-friendly but gluten-free too!
Cut grapes in half for the ornaments. Then, cut baby carrots (it forms a perfect circle already). Then I used watermelon radish for the star on top. ✨

To me, a brunch is never complete without a protein (sausage or bacon, in this case, star-cut nitrate-free hot dogs) and eggs. If you haven't tried making Gordon Ramsey's scrambled eggs, you're in for a treat. Just google a video of it. Super fast and super delicious. It's changed my life. Really.

Originally, I didn't think I could make the deadline for this blog entry. Our area is close to the Los Angeles wildfire "Skirball Fire", the kids' schools were closed and we were preparing for an emergency evacuation. But today, I told myself that it shouldn't dictate our lives. So AFTER packing the car with emergency food, water, clothes, flashlights, and toys... I made us all brunch. 😊

It was nice because I rarely get to see the joy my "cute" food brings my kids because I'm not at school watching them open their Bentgo boxes. Wish there was a mini hidden cam on their bento box lids! 😜

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season!

Lots of love from our family to yours!
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