Ditch the 'Wich: A Week of Sandwich-Free Lunches

Ditch the 'Wich: A Week of Sandwich-Free Lunches

Stephanie is a wife, mother of three daughters, a photographer, and a small business owner. She's also a self-proclaimed "veteran lunch maker"  who shares inspiration on her Instagram account @lovedbygiselle.


Every year at back-to-school time, I find myself getting frustrated and running out of options when it comes to making lunches that neither of my kids get bored eating. One rule my two daughters usually have by the end of the first month of school is, "Please, mom! No more sandwiches!" Who knew sandwiches were so uncool and boring to school-aged kiddos?!

But, my girls' rule has forced me to get innovative and come up with lunches that they don’t have to pick the crust off before eating. And, the meals are healthy so I’m happy to serve them. Anything beats school lunch, am I right?

I've been making lunches for school for about eight years now, which totally makes me a veteran lunch maker, but I only discovered Bentgo Kids lunch boxes last year. Since then, I haven't made one school lunch without them. I have no clue how I went so long without them!

Bentgo Kids lunch boxes have small compartments that are designed to keep foods in their places. I can put yogurts and dips in without worrying about any spillage, which is so nice. What I also love about the small compartments is that I can provide my girls with a variety of foods to prevent boring lunch days. They're both excited to see what's inside and even like to help cut and prepare their foods with me in the mornings. 

Because I know there are many moms like me wondering how to keep each compartment interesting, I've come up with a few ideas and ways to pack your child's lunch without those uncool and oh-so-boring sandwiches. Let's get creative!

Day 1: Meatless Monday

This first sandwich-free lunchbox gives your kiddos a break from both bread and meat while serving up tasty yet nutrient-dense veggies, dip, and nuts. Throw in some pretzel sticks for extra crunch plus marshmallows for a sweet treat. 


Day 2: Pinwheel Tuesday

Pinwheels are a great alternative to the traditional sandwich. Plus, they're easy for me to make and fun for my girls to eat. Simply load up a large tortilla with your favorite sandwich ingredients. Then, roll and slice into bite-size pieces of tasty goodness. Add your child's favorite fruit and other snacks to the other compartments, and voila, you're sure to have a winner on your hands.

Pinroll Prep: Mayo + Lettuce + Turkey

Day 3: Rotini Wednesday

Cold pasta salad is both delicious and filling. I toss in my girls' favorite veggies like broccoli and carrots to boost the nutritional value and give it a nice crunch. Since it's midweek, I also like to mix up the fruit selection with strawberries and blueberries while still giving them the crackers and marshmallows they love.  

Day 4: Chicken & Rice

I'm always happy when I can recycle dinner leftovers for lunch the next day. This lunchbox includes flavorful grilled chicken, white rice with green pepper, peanuts, Jell-O, and Skittles for a nice balance of healthy and treat.

Day 5: PB&J "Sushi" Rolls

Just because you go sandwich-less doesn't mean you have to skip PB&J altogether. These "sushi" rolls help keep the timeless peanut butter and jelly flavor in the weekly rotation. Add carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and a few cookies to complete this end-of-the-week lunchbox.

"Sushi" Roll Prep: Cut Off Crust + Flatten With Rolling Pin + Spread +Roll


We did it! A whole week without a single sandwich in the lunch box. Give this menu a try the next time your child complains about eating another "boring" sandwich. 


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