How to Make Your Healthy Eating Resolutions Stick

Resolving to eat better is easy to do on January 1. But, after a few weeks (or even days for some of us), old temptations take over and our good intentions get put on the back burner. If you’re tired of that same old song and dance, keep reading. We’ve scoured the Web to find the best advice out there from health bloggers, nutritionists and everyday people like you who have stuck to their guns and made healthy eating a way of life.

#1 Identify Your Why

You need more than a hollow resolution if you’re going to pass on the jelly doughnuts in your office break room week after week. Instagrammer @stephsplate, whose account encourages followers to make healthy eating choices year round, believes you need a compelling reason to stick to your resolution. She says, “I did tons of research in order to really understand how different things affect our bodies and the environment. It's a breeze to stay healthy when you understand the intentions behind your actions.” 

Images courtesy of @stephsplate

#2 Focus More on the Dos than the Don’ts

One of the easiest ways to demotivate yourself is to pile on the restrictions of all the foods you can’t eat. Instead, focus on all the new things you get to enjoy like more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables or drinking more water or adding more fiber and whole grains. By looking at all the ways you are incorporating more healthy foods into your diet, you won’t feel deprived or even think about the unhealthy options you are naturally eliminating.

Apple & Kale Salad (recipe available in the Bentgo Fun & Healthy Salad Guide)

#3 Get Creative with Healthy Swaps

There are tons of substitutions you can make to your favorite recipes to make them healthier. In fact, exploring all the healthy swaps out there can be a big part of the fun, especially if you enjoy cooking. Subbing ground turkey for ground beef is one simple and tasty swap recommended by To Live and Diet in L.A. blogger Whitney English. She says, “Replace ground beef with lean ground turkey in your tacos, burgers, and spaghetti sauce on a regular basis and save the greasy Big Mac for special occasions.” Check out her cool swap infographic to see how making this one change can help you drop three pounds.

Whitney English swaps ground turkey for ground beef in this Apple Sage Turkey Meatloaf recipe.

#4 Plan Your Meals & Prep for the Week

Taking the time to plan and prep your meals for the week is one of the smartest things you can do to help stick to your healthy eating resolution. In a blog for The EveryGirl, Abigail Keeson says, “Set aside an hour or two of time every week to plan your meals, grocery shop, and do some basic food prep.” You can find some great tips for planning and prepping an entire week of healthy lunches in our blog 5 Ways to Simplify Your Healthy Lunch Routine.  

#5 Indulge in Moderation

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite indulgences. However, it does mean learning to eat them in moderation. One way to do this according to nutrition expert Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, FAND is to plan your indulgences in advance. She says, “First, consider your allotted calorie intake for the whole week.  Then, determine how many calories you can set aside each day to accumulate what you’ll need to spend on your splurge.” By shaving 75 calories a day off your meals, you can set yourself up for a 525-calorie treat each week.

Now that we’ve armed you with these great tips, are you ready to make 2016 the year your healthy eating resolution sticks? If so, keep checking our blog throughout the year for fun and healthy meal ideas and recipes for your lunchbox and more.  

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