On-the-Go Baby and Toddler Lunches

On-the-Go Baby and Toddler Lunches

Angie is a stay-at-home mom to a 16-month-old baby girl. She has a huge passion for cooking and appreciates clean and fresh foods. Her goal is to instill a healthy lifestyle into her daughter's life as she grows. She loves developing healthy recipes and meals for her little family. You can find her creations on her Instagram page @thepeacheepear. Currently, she is working on her new blog ThePeacheePear.com due to go live soon.

As moms, we tend to worry about how well our little ones are eating. We constantly question ourselves, "Are they eating enough? Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables? Am I serving them well-balanced meals?" It can get even more overwhelming to come up with great ideas for meals when we are on the go.

My day to day routine can be very hectic at times. I tend to go out in the morning to get all my errands done or make it to any doctor's appointments. I also like to take Emma out to do fun things. She really loves going to the library for storytime. Now with summer quickly approaching, we are looking forward to spending some days at the beach. For days like these, I have to make sure I have a lunch packed for Emma.

I like to keep lunch as simple as possible especially when we're taking it on the go. I usually opt for a hard boil egg as my protein. I like to hard boil a few eggs ahead of time and keep them in my fridge. They last up to five days with the shell on and refrigerated. Usually, we have them for breakfast but when we need a to go lunch we have them then instead. Other great options are chicken or veggie nuggets, veggie omelet muffins, cheese and veggie quesadillas.

For sides, I use whatever fruits I have at home. Some of our favorites are strawberries, blackberries, mangos, kiwis, papaya, and pineapples. I like to cut them into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Not only does this make lunches cute, you can also use them to learn some shapes and colors. I like to play like this with Emma during our feeding times. You can always add some yogurt, hummus, or cottage cheese to make it an even more balanced meal and to add some texture.

This is what a usual lunch looks like for Miss Emma. Here we have a hard-boiled egg with a quinoa and shelled edamame salad. We have some flower shaped cucumbers with roasted red pepper hummus. A serving of plain Greek yogurt topped with heart-shaped strawberries. Lastly, star-shaped apricot. This is a very simple lunch and easy to make. Yet it has a wide variety of fruits and veggies. It's very colorful and full of essential nutrients.

The Bentgo Kids lunch box is perfect for packing lunches for my baby. Its compartments are sized perfectly for the right portions. It gives me the ability to pack a variety of sides and snacks. You can even prepare lunch ahead of time, keep it in your fridge, and have it ready to grab and go. I love the pretty purple color too. I'm obsessed with everything about the Bentgo lunch box! It helps make my hectic day so much easier to tackle.

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