Staying Healthy in College

Staying Healthy in College

Yolanda from @getinmyhealthybelly is a 21 year old recent graduate from the University of Arizona. While getting her BA in Creative Writing, she found a passion for fitness and healthy eating--using meal prepping to get her through her busy days.

College—an exciting and fresh start for many individuals seeking inspiration for personal growth. With the array of vast experiences College life can offer comes a busy schedule that usually takes up a student’s entire day. With class, a part-time job, working out at the gym, and doing homework, I always found it hard to find the time to fuel my body and, therefore, my brain for a long day at campus.

I found a solution that not only would give me the wholesome nutrients I needed to survive a long, busy day at the University of Arizona, but it would also help me keep away from the greasy fast food that always tempts students to pack on the pounds. In order to maintain a balanced diet that fits into my busy student schedule, I have taken on prepping my meals on Sunday for the entire school week.

Here’s a simple meal plan for early birds who not only need lunch, but also a pre-workout breakfast and snacks as well:

For breakfast, I spread almond butter on a gluten free rice cake, topped with blueberries and chia seed

For my morning and afternoon snack, I packed fresh strawberries and an apple

For lunch, I used my Bentgo Lunchbox that not only helps me stay on track with healthy portions, but it makes packing my prepped meals more convenient and stylish. In the lunch box, I packed a small salad, charbroiled turkey, roasted sweet potato fries, and half an avocado.

With the right ingredients and the help of my Bentgo Lunchbox, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in College has been a breeze.

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