A Yogurt Parfait to Help Beat the Heat

A Yogurt Parfait to Help Beat the Heat

Vic Arturo from SheKnows is a journalist by trade and sociologist by love, who grew up keenly observing the world and making ‘top’ lists of everything.  Need to know the top vegetarian restaurants in the US? Or how about the only necessary items to pack when going on a trip? Or the most popular baby names of this century? She brings you all of the information you never knew you needed to know.  These are her favorite uses of a Bentgo Kids Lunchbox.

The morning is my busiest and most stressful part of my day. My mind is swirling with the day’s huge to-do list, as I’m preoccupied with walking our dog who loves to take off and drag me around the block while trying to get my children fed and out the door to daycare and preschool with snacks and lunch in hand. There’s a constant pressure to come up with tasty snacks for the kids, who seem to be the pickiest eaters on the planet, though I’ve recently come across something that they both like so much that they request it on a weekly basis – yogurt parfaits! And lucky for me, I love it too! So I easily whip three of these snacks up in Bentgos, giving me one less thing to think about as I’m urgently shooing the kids out the door.

Who doesn’t love a good yogurt parfait? They are an excellent way of getting your sweet kick without consuming too many unnecessary sugars. They are a great cool summer snack, a quick healthy bite between class or meetings, and make a well-rounded breakfast that can be prepped the night before. They are also a sneaky way to cover some fruit servings for those, who like my kids, find it difficult to meet that quota. I have created an easy and delicious yogurt parfait combination that includes Greek yogurt with honey (a tasty base), cherries, apples, wheat crackers (hold up nicely without getting soggy), and honey roasted nuts (for a nice crunch). It’s an amazing combination of sweet and tart, and a delicious treat you can eat guilt free.

¼ cup creamy Greek yogurt with honey (I prefer the Chobani or Greek Gods brands)
1 big handful of cherries
½ an apple, sliced or diced
1 serving of whole wheat crackers (I prefer Wheat Thins), crumbled
5- 10 pieces of honey roasted nuts

When ready to eat, take bits of each ingredient and eat together in one tasty bite. The apple
slices can be dipped and used to scoop up the parfait ingredients (my kids have so much fun dipping), or if preferred can be mixed in with all of the other remaining ingredients. I always make sure to provide a healthy serving of water for the kids because though the fruit here are healthy sugars, these can still leave a person craving a thirst quencher. It is much better to provide water versus sugar-filled juices.

What is your favorite summer time lunch treat?

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